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The Bomb Threat 2 (2015)

1.TBT2 Intro 0:58Download
2.Im Real   ( prod. G. Twilight )3:18Download
3.We Grinding  ( feat. CloD )   ( prod. Smokey )3:41Download
4.Primetime  ( feat. G.Twilight, J. Incredible ) 5:00Download
5.Goin Down  ( feat. Mo Master, R.E. )   ( prod. Cookie )2:50Download
6.Go Hard  ( feat. CloD )   ( prod. Smokey )3:04Download
7.Its Over   ( prod. Smokey )3:31Download
8.The Block   ( prod. Mo Master )3:18Download
9.Bubble Gum   ( prod. Smokey )2:51Download
10.Mike Larry  ( feat. CloD )   ( prod. Mo Master )3:05Download


The Bighter Side (2013)

1.The Brighter Side Intro   ( prod. Mo Master )2:04Download
2.One Two Step  ( feat. Jayhask ) 2:15Download
3.Henny And Coke   ( prod. Mo Master )3:15Download
4.Opa   ( prod. G Twilight )3:55Download
5.The Future   ( prod. Mo Master )3:09Download
6.Reminisce  ( feat. Mo Master )   ( prod. Mo Master )4:28Download
7.La La  ( feat. Enstinctz )   ( prod. Mo Master )2:21Download


The Bomb Threat (2011)

1.Intro   ( prod. Smokey )3:02Download
2.Mr.Official   ( prod. Juan )3:03Download
3.Dance Wit Me  ( feat. Mo Master, Carli )   ( prod. Smokey )2:57Download
4.Do What We Like   ( prod. R.E. )3:02Download
5.Bump  ( feat. R.E. )   ( prod. Smokey )3:02Download
6.Sippin Hennessy  ( feat. Mo Master )   ( prod. Smokey )3:16Download
7.Keep It Movin  ( feat. R.E. )   ( prod. Smokey )2:53Download
8.Get It Poppin  ( feat. Mo Master, PeleBoY )   ( prod. Smokey )3:32Download
9.Money  ( feat. Mo Master, R.E. )   ( prod. Mo Master )2:51Download
10.Have It Your Way  ( feat. Mo Master )   ( prod. Mo Master )4:00Download
11.Lost  ( feat. Mo Master )   ( prod. Sta8, K-Tek, Mo Master )2:58Download


The Trilogy (2008)

1.Intro 0:58Download
2.Victory (Biggie Beat) 2:36Download
3.RIP (Camron Beat) 4:37Download
4.2nd Round Knockout (Canibus Beat) 3:15Download
5.Skit  ( feat. Jayhask ) 0:39Download
6.Im Fly   ( prod. Jayhask )4:06Download
7.D-Rocka Anthem  ( feat. Cyclone, R.E. )   ( prod. Mo Master )4:24Download
8.Bang Out  ( feat. MDK, Cyclone )   ( prod. Mo Master )?Download
9.What I Wanna Be (K-Tek Verse) 1:05Download
10.45 Magnum  ( feat. Majic ) 4:00Download
11.Hands Up (M.O.P Beat) 4:00Download
12.Nigga 4 Life (Eminem Beat) 4:33Download
13.In Love   ( prod. K-Tek )4:09Download
14.Just Chill (2pac Beat) 3:22Download
15.Holla At The Captian 2:53Download
16.Ima King (Cyclone)  ( feat. R.E. )   ( prod. Cyclone )4:16Download
17.Freestyle (Cyclone) (Kanye West Beat) 2:11Download
18.Execution Style Remix (The Game Beat)  ( feat. Dubb, ToNe, Cyclone, PeleBoY, MDK ) 6:40Download


The Sequel (2007)

1.Dubb Drop  ( feat. Dubb ) 1:01Download
2.K-Tek Drop 1:00Download
3.MDK Drop  ( feat. MDK ) 1:21Download
4.Intro 3:11Download
5.Distance   ( prod. K-Tek )4:41Download
6.Jay Drop  ( feat. Jayhask ) 1:12Download
7.Welcome To Da D  ( feat. Jayhask )   ( prod. Jayhask )5:33Download
8.Dubb Drop 2  ( feat. Dubb ) 1:03Download
9.Shake It Here 5:07Download
10.Struggles  ( feat. PeleBoY ) 5:27Download
11.JP Drop  ( feat. JP ) 0:59Download
12.Bare The Pain  ( feat. Jayhask, Mo Master )   ( prod. Jayhask )4:15Download
13.Dubb Drop 3  ( feat. Dubb ) 0:59Download
14.Do Yo Thing  ( feat. Kyle Lake, Jerry ) 5:03Download
15.K-Tek Drop 2 1:03Download
16.Dis Bird 5:57Download
17.CYC Drop  ( feat. Cyclone ) 1:12Download
18.Break Bread 5:03Download
19.You Know  ( feat. Mo Master ) 5:33Download
20.Dubb Drop 4 0:59Download
21.Hustla  ( feat. Jerry, Kyle Lake, R.E.,Cyclone, Danzel, ) 5:03Download
22.K-Tek Drop 3 1:18Download
23.Execution Style  ( feat. Dubb, Cyclone, Tone, MDK ) 5:58Download
24.Crussin  ( feat. Cyclone, Busta, Eddie P )   ( prod. Busta )4:03Download
25.Outro  ( feat. Dubb ) 2:57Download
26.Poppin  ( feat. Cyclone ) 5:43Download
27.Twisted Exclusive  ( feat. Cyclone ) 4:39Download
28.I Just Dont   ( prod. K-Tek )4:22Download

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