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My name is Kwamena Gyapea Tekyi-Mensah, I was born on July 9th, 1988 in Hutzel Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. I was educated in the Detroit Public Schools systems, I graduated from the Detroit High School For The Fine And Performing arts (DSA). I am now a college student at Schoolcraft college, which is located in Livonia, Michigan and I am majoring in Music Technology. I am also a student employee at my college computer labs. I started rapping at the age of 12, I was in
Middle School at the time, I was attending Hally Magnet Middle School. I was teased a lot growing up and I had thoughts of suicide, until I heard a rapper by the name of Eminem. He taught me that a form of art called rap could help heal your emotional wounds without doing anything drastic, so I tried it out and enjoyed it. At first I used rap as a thing of therapy, but as days passed I started to love rap music. When I graduated from Middle School, I really started to pursue a music career, I recorded my first song which was called "Boy Cant Be Stopped" at a studio located in Downtown Detroit called 111 Entertainment. I wanted to experience more studio's in Michigan, so I went to another studio located in the outskirts of Detroit called 500 Pound Weasel and recorded a few songs there. Then I went to a studio in the eastside of Detroit called Sauce Productions, that was a nice studio but it got shut down because the engineer was shot down inside the studio in a recording session. So I moved to a studio that I still record in till this day called Mo Master Productions, almost all of the hot Detroit rap acts went to that studio such as Eminem, D12, and also Trick Trick, and the engineer there is a legend himself. In my freshman year in High School I gave a demo to Shady Records, I sent it to a A&R called Dart. He called me back, he told me he liked my cd but it was some things at the time I needed to work on, then he sent me some shirts and also some pictures and a Shady Records towel. I cherished those gifts because I was happy to know that someone in the music business thought I was talented at the age of 14. So that drove me to work even harder, because I was thinking with more hard work and practice my dreams could come true. At my senior year in High School I sent a demo to Slip N Slide Records I gave it to a A&R called O. He wanted me to do Slip N Slide Street, but I had to pay 500 dollars, at the time I was unemployed so I had to pass that by even though I wanted to participate. Also in my senior year in High School I rapped to different acts like Cassidy and Three Six Mafia. I also caught the attention of a underground Detroit rap artist called Dice. He gave me pointers on trying to attack a rap career in Detroit, Michigan, and we became real cool friends. I spent a lot of time and money in my underground rap career, that I didn't even have. I sold my video games just for studio time, and I don't regret it, I walked all around Detroit just to try to sale my music. In my music career I struggled in so many different ways, and I am proud about that because you cant succeed in life without going through something. My stage name is K-Tek, a friend named Aaron use to call me that all the time, I use to hate it but I soon started to love it, The K represents my first name which is Kwamena, and the Tek represents the first three letters in my last name which is Tekyi-Mensah

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K-Tek just signed to 2 Kingz Entertainment

2015-08-05 03:07:50

Check out K-Teks new article on RUDEBOY LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE!!

Check out K-Teks new article on RUDEBOY LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE!!!! link below

2015-08-03 15:40:39

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Check out Mo Masters new internet radio show BACKSIDE JAMS!!

2015-07-27 13:20:55

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